Stat of the Week
xFIP — Player Analysis

Monday we briefly looked at how close the playoff race was getting and I wrote that we shouldn’t be surprised to see the Phillies getting back into the mix for October baseball.  After last night, the Phillies now sit 3 games out of the final Wild Card spot held by the St. Louis Cardinals when [...]


As we enter the final three weeks of the season, the expansion of the wild card is continuing to look like a wise decision by Bud Selig to expand the interest of different baseball markets in the MLB season through the end of September.  15 teams (8 in the American League and 7 in the [...]

Strikeout Percentage

We analyzed Strikeouts from the pitcher’s perspective and explained why they are so important for the success of a pitcher, so now we will look at a statistic Strikeout Percentage (K%) and how to properly evaluate hitters with this statistic.
We have talked about how batters with high On-Base Percentages are more favorable to have in [...]


Josh Hamilton’s walk off home run on Saturday in the 13th inning was his 20th of the season leaving him only 5 behind his total for 2011.  While Hamilton’s spectacular accomplishments during the first two months of this season have already been covered here and here, it is important to remember that Hamilton has not [...]


This week I’ll be looking at a Defensive Independent Pitching Statistic (also known as DIPS in the sabermetrics world) called Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP).  FIP is intended to be a predictive statistic that should be used from season to season rather than to evaluate a single start or series of starts.  I will use the [...]