Tuesday Trivia
Hitting Trivia

This week’s Trivia contest is from Junkball, and they bring you Ballpark in a Box! This is one cool prize, because inside this box you get bases, a strike zone, and their patented “junk ball” which is like a wiffle ball, but with the holes placed to teach the grips for throwing different pitches- [...]

Joey Votto and Taking Pitches

Much has been made recently about Joey Votto’s extreme patience at the plate, and the number of walks he has accumulated so far this season.  #3 hitters don’t often walk that much, as some have pointed out, traditionally that isn’t what they are paid to do.  They should be RBI machines, driving in the table [...]

WHIP - Player Analysis

On Tuesday, Josh Hamilton made American League history by accumulating 18 Total Bases in one game, hitting 4 Home Runs and a double against the Baltimore Orioles.  As I’m sure most of you heard on SportsCenter, Hamilton is just the 16th player to hit 4 home runs in one game in Major League history, a [...]


Baltimore Orioles first baseman Chris Davis made a surprise relief effort yesterday, pitching two innings, giving up 2 hits, one walk, while striking out Jarrod Saltalamacchia and even more surprisingly, Adrian Gonzalez, and recorded his first, and maybe not his last, win given his strong performance.
Chris Davis, however, will not be evaluated by this week’s [...]

Batting Average

Before we delve into this week’s statistic let me quickly tell you about myself.  I live in New York, love the Yankees and I am attending New York University pursuing a Master’s degree in Sports Business.  I have a profound interest in baseball statistics and through this column will alternate each week between traditional statistics [...]