Tuesday Trivia
Holiday Trivia?

The correct answer to today’s question will get you a copy of Few and Chosen Yankees: Defining Yankee Greatness Across the Eras, a beautiful coffee table book about some special Yankee greats, written by Whitey Ford.  This could be a great Christmas gift for someone.
To win this book, simply be the first to answer [...]

MVP Trivia

With Miguel Cabrera winning his second MVP this week, I thought this week’s just for fun trivia (no prize, just some bragging rights) must be centered around the award.  (Sorry Mike Trout- and Angels fans.)   To be considered the smartest in the land this week, you must know the answer to this one, and be [...]

Awards Week Trivia

TDC games brings you this week’s prize, the Red Sox card game. TDC carries these in a variety of teams, but today’s prize, and the question is all about the World Series winner.
To win, be the first to answer the question correctly by leaving your answer in the comment section below.
Today’s question: [...]

World Series Trivia

Tuesday Trivia returns today in honor of the World Series. The prize will be one of our famous grab bag prizes, hopefully something that suits your personal fandom! To win, be the first to leave the correct answer to the question in the comment box below.
Today’s Question: On this date, in 1972, [...]

Playoff Fun Trivia

Just a small prize today- nothing like a usual grab bag. But, I thought of a new way to make this fun and raise the number of participants, I hope, while also making everyone do a little research. ]

Today’s Question: There have been several pitchers who have pitched complete games on this [...]