Sunday Reading
The Mets Marketing Edition

The Mets sent a letter to fans.  Some might say they did it to rally their fans, as they did to Marc Carig in this quick piece.  But as they say to Carig, it is also is just a marketing technique aimed at gathering people’s data to fill their database.
Is it fair to ask fans [...]

The Good and the Bad Edition

Just two quick pieces to send you to here.  The first is a sad story about the end of the Newark Bears, an Independent league team that once had players like Ricky Henderson and Jose Canseco.  Yesterday, their equipment was put up for auction.  Here is the Dan Barry piece to tell the story of [...]

Building a Team Edition

Stephen Drew and Kendrys Morales are still sitting at home watching games on TV instead of actually playing for a team. That is despite the fact that they were good enough last year to receive qualifying offers of $15 million + to play for the team they played for last year. Doesn’t that [...]

New Season Edition

The new review system has certainly been something to watch, with managers trying to find the proper strategy to use the darn thing.  It will get better, both in terms of how the system works, but also in terms of how managers use it.  I saw several Arizona Fall League games where managers were told [...]

Getting Ready for Spring Edition

Derek Jeter will retire at the end of this season, and the rhetoric has already begun about what he has meant to this game.  And while I have long hated the hyperbole that comes with Jeter, I do find it amazing that he played 18years in the biggest media market, with a huge amount of [...]