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Appy League Adventures

Last week, I was lucky enough to visit a couple of spots in the Appalachian League, and I kinda fell in love.  The idyllic nature of the league, with small parks and communities of fans seems ideal to me.  Granted the ammenities aren’t too fancy, and the parks aren’t built for interaction between players and [...]

Lakewood Blue Claws

RIP Tony Gwynn

I’m a little late here- mostly because I couldn’t figure out what to say or what to write that wasn’t already written.  Gwynn was impressive in a way that many many players wanted to be but aren’t.It took me awhile to find something to share that I felt added something or shared something that you [...]

Padres Assault Baseball When They Draft Johnny Manziel

As you may have seen, Johnny Manziel was drafted in the 28th round of MLB’s amateur draft by the San Diego Padres.  According to tweets from Padres President Mike Dee, Manziel was the best athlete on the board.  That statement is probably true.
However in choosing the Cleveland Brown quarterback, they insult 1000’s of young men [...]

RIP Don Zimmer

Baseball lost a lot yesterday with the passing of Don Zimmer.  The obits are numerous.  But what to me was quite moving as I was reading through the tweets of players I am paid to follow, is how much this younger generation knew and cared about a man that many grew to know only as [...]