Johanna's View
Building Legacy

Derek Jeter played his last game official last night at Yankee Stadium.  There may be some old timers game in his future, but last night he capped his career, and he did it in style.  The season-long celebration may have seemed over the top at moments, but Jeter really did deserve it.  As have a [...]

Blowing Up In-Game and After

Brett Gardner, one of the few Yankees who is getting on base regularly, has a melt down on Tuesday night.  While very out of character for the Yankees outfielder, the argument at home plate on a borderline strike call got the player tossed out of the game. He should have been upset, the bases were [...]

Answering Questions in the Heat of the Season

AJ Burnett responded quickly to a question this week about his future.  He had just finished pitching, fighting a losing battle against the Mariners and his ability to locate. He is in a stretch of not much success, after a start that had him as one of the best pitchers on the Phillies staff.  Someone [...]

Playing for a Japanese Team

One alternate career path that a player can use to make money while playing baseball is to eventually go over to Japan or Korea to play.  It isn’t for everybody both because of the cultural/travel differences but also because in many ways it is a different game.  And the thing that may be surprising to [...]

Appy League Adventures

Last week, I was lucky enough to visit a couple of spots in the Appalachian League, and I kinda fell in love.  The idyllic nature of the league, with small parks and communities of fans seems ideal to me.  Granted the ammenities aren’t too fancy, and the parks aren’t built for interaction between players and [...]