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Johanna's View
It’s Not Replay that S*cks….

It isn’t the replay that is ruining baseball, it is the adaptation of the rules to make replay clearer for someone not in the stadium that may ruin it.  Because the umpires in the booth in NY can’t hear the ball hit the mitt, as an umpire in the building can, baseball cleaned up its [...]

Changing the Game for the Good

The Boston Red Sox didn’t complain publicly when Jhonny Peralta went to bat against them, and scored the only run of the first game of the ALCS. They could have, as apparently they were outraged. They kept quiet, and they focused on their job and they won the World Series.
But afterwards, they set about [...]

Colon to Farnsworth to Valverde

What is this 2005?  The Mets threw three pitchers against the Braves on Tuesday, three old pitchers I might add, and came away with the win.  It was a little scary for Mets fans in the 9th though.  Valverde loaded the bases, but ended up locking it down in the end.
His message to the media [...]

The Rays, Yunel Escobar and Team Chemistry

Yunel Escobar signed a contract extension with the Tampa Bay Rays this past weekend. Escobar has long been thought to be a little bit of trouble in a clubhouse, yet the Rays had no problem adding him to the team for the future, though definitely at a good price, as Matt Klassen writes.
There is [...]

Confidence and Success

Bryce Harper told the media after Saturday’s game that he felt ‘pretty lost’ right now.  When I player says that, then there is a problem.  Does it mean terrible things for his season?  Probably no.  But right now, I’d be pulling him out of my fantasy team line-up, ha ha.
Less than 1% of those that [...]