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Baseball's Best Books
On John Klima’s Bushville Wins! The Wild Saga of the 1957 Milwaukee Braves and the Screwballs, Sluggers, and Beer Swiggers Who Canned the New York Yankees and Changed Baseball

Over the years a handful of pennant winning teams have earned a special place in the hearts of baseball fans. These teams are often known better by a popular nickname than an official team name. The Hitless Wonders, the Gashouse Gang, the Whiz Kids, and the Miracle Mets among others all conjure up images of [...]

On Mitchell Nathanson’s A People’s History of Baseball

In 1980 Howard Zinn published A People’s History of the United States (P.S.) One of the more controversial interpretations of the American experience, Zinn attempted to describe the American past from the bottom up. In A People’s History of Baseball by Mitchell Nathanson, a professor of legal writing at Villanova University takes a similar post [...]

Last Minute Shopping Ideas

With Christmas just a few days away, and many of us struggling to figure out that perfect gift or at least one that they won’t hate, I thought I would ask some folks from around baseball for some recommendations on books that they love, and would put high on their list to give that baseball [...]

On Tony LaRussa’s One Last Strike

You may remember that back in early September, I went to see Tony LaRussa speak at a tiny bookshop in Connecticut. He was an engaging and relaxed speaker, and told a lot of very personal stories about his years in baseball. He was so open, and he quickly made the [...]

On Shirley Povich’s The Washington Senators

Written long before free agency, drug testing and around the clock reporting that characterizes baseball today The Washington Senators harkens back to a time when the game seemed less complicated. Originally published in 1954 this book was the final volume in a series that included all of the original Major League teams except the Philadelphia [...]