Clubhouse Chemistry
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by Johanna Wagner
Clubhouse Chemistry
This post was written by Johanna Wagner on February 13, 2013
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A couple of teams are excited to begin 2013 because it is a chance to leave 2012 behind.  In both the cases of the Miami Marlins and the Cleveland Indians, the locker room is filled with a very different bunch of players, and in both cases that should make baseball more fun for both teams even if it doesn’t lead to more wins.  But more fun often does lead to more wins- it just changes perspective enough that players look forward to heading to work each day.  That allows them to play a little looser, and perhaps feel more confident- and confidence does wonders for a player’s ability to play.

In the case of the Marlins, the team eliminated a lot of both problem players and also veteran players who came from other organizations.  While they do have a few free agents, they have players who will enter the clubhouse looking to adapt to that culture, rather than have that culture adapt to them.  The younger players coming up have been together for a long time, and as such have a level of comfort with each other. This all give new manager Mike Redmond a real opportunity to lead.  This Joe Capozzi piece shares both Redmond’s and the player’s point of view on this fresh start.

Meanwhile, in Cleveland, the addition of several new free agents, including the last minute addition of Michael Bourne has fueled some extra confidence in the Indians clubhouse.  Not only is it lively and fun, but ownership and management have given the team reason to believe that they are buyers and not sellers going into this year.  That helps player’s start off with an ‘anything is possible’ attitude, which can make the season seem very exciting.  Jordan Bastain gives you a glimpse into these early workouts in Glendale, AZ, where players are ready to go.

And though this Nick Carfado piece isn’t really all about team chemistry, David Ortiz expects the Boston clubhouse to be a healthier place to be with new manager John Farrel at the helm.

“An organization and a team is like the human body. If the head is right, the body is going to function right. But if the head is mixed up, they’re going to be all over the place. That was part of our situation last year. Guys weren’t comfortable with the manager we had”

Only time will tell if the Red Sox, and their clubhouse, are back on track. But if the clubhouse aint right, nothing will be.

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