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Sunday Reading
by Johanna Wagner
Random Reading Edition
This post was written by Johanna Wagner on January 27, 2013
Posted Under: Sunday Reading

I’m a little late in getting this up today, lots of change happening in my house, and my Sunday morning routine isn’t as typical as it used to be.  That being said,  have a couple of interesting things for you.

First, is an excerpt from Terry Francona’s new book about his time as the Red Sox manager.  This piece gives really good insight into who Francona is as a person, but also into the life inside the Fenway clubhouse.  Honestly, it isn’t that different than in most clubhouses.  Really really interesting.

The second piece is aimed at you folks who are a little interested in stats, but the part that makes it special is what Jeff Sullivan found when he dug behind the numbers of Rod Barajas’s terrible ability to throw out runners.  Some of the credit actually given to Barajas should have been given to some other player in the game.  The stats were wrong!  And so, for all of us that get so caught up in numbers, the question we must ask is are those numbers that we are comparing actually accurate?  Who compiled them? Where did they originate?  Do the numbers on MLB.com actually correlate to the official scoring record?  What is the source?  Fascinating that in just a small sample the numbers could be way off.  So if you like numbers read this piece, and if you don’t like numbers, read it too.

And not that this is actually good writing or anything, bu I thought I would send you to a bizarre bit of gossip that was written in the NY Post Page 6 about former Astros slugger Jeff Bagwell.  Honestly, it isn’t about Bagwell, but rather about the woman he is dating who is going through an ugly divorce.   Anyway, when I heard mention of it, I had to look it up, and so I thought there might be another fan out there that wanted to read this piece too.

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