Hall of Fame Voting
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by Johanna Wagner
Hall of Fame Voting
This post was written by Johanna Wagner on January 10, 2013
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Yesterday, the BBWAA voting results for the Hall of Fame were announced with no one getting elected. Is that really the worst thing in the world? Would we really be happier if a whole bunch of steroid users got elected?

Players may not have thought about the long-term ramifications for steroid use when they either walked into a GNC in the 1990’s or they went and say a slightly shady doctor or worse, a chemist.  But isn’t it good that the writers are thinking it through. After all the Hall of Fame is forever.

Bonds and Clemens and even Sammy Sosa get another shot, in fact they get 14 more shots, at getting in.  So really, I am OK with making them wait a year.  And unlike Mark McGwire, who despite creating more interest in baseball and perhaps saving the game from the level of the NHL, wasn’t one of the greatest players in baseball history without the steroids.  At least, you would have a hard time making that case.  Enough people will make the case for Bonds being HOF worthy by 2000, most likely prior to his clearly illegal steroid use.  He will get in.  Roger Clemens has a tougher time- at least in my mind- because his alleged steroid use started in his years in Toronto before his case for the HOF was fully made.  Its also his career length and his skills at the end which put him so far over the top.  Yes, he probably should go in as well, but does it have to be today?  Isn’t it OK for him to wait a minute?

Craig Biggio should have been elected.  Not sure how he got left off of nearly 40% of ballots.  Some folks may not have seen him play enough, perhaps.  Some people may have been too distracted by the bigger question marks on the ballot. Maybe someone wanted to wait to send Biggio and Bagwell in together (which in my mind would be nice too.)

Next year’s class will include some of the best pitching of that era.  Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine will headline the roster.  But Bonds and Clemens will be there too. It could be a giant induction class next year.  And I am OK with that too.  The Hall of Fame is forever.  Shouldn’t we be proud they are being careful with who gets in?

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