The Free Agent Case of Kyle Lohse
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by Johanna Wagner
The Free Agent Case of Kyle Lohse
This post was written by Johanna Wagner on January 5, 2013
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Kyle Lohse was offered a $13.3 million one year contract by the St. Louis Cardinals, considered a qualifying contract.  He turned it down. I raised my eyebrows- and I am sure I wasn’t alone.  And I am guessing that his agent is regretting that decision about now.  See Lohse could have agreed to that contract and then renegotiated a two or three year contract with the Cardinals for less per year but for more years.  But that didn’t happen.

And Lohse most likely wanted more years than one guaranteed.

But what someone didn’t realize was that any team that signs Lohse will lose a draft pick- and will also lose the slot money associated with that pick to sign their other picks.  Unlike the old system, where there were type A and type B free agents, this time, it is just that qualifying offer that creates the classification for the free agent.  Essentially, one team has said I will pay the average salary of the top 125 players, and so he must be worth that.

As  Derrick Gould points out,  the draft pick could be worth $2 million or more to a team’s draft.  Therefore they need either decide that Lohse is worth losing that amount of money (and the players that they would sign with that) which means that a team has to think that Lohse will help them enough that they can give up that potential player(s), and most likely, his dollar value has to be low enough to compensate for that.

Edwin Jackson signed a 4-year contract earlier this month worth $52 million and Lohse is still unsigned the only culprit must be the loss of the money to spend on the draft.  With this new collective bargaining agreement, someone had to be the test to see how it would affect free agency.  It seems Kyle Lohse is the test case.

He will get signed.  But it will be for a lot less than he expected.  He should have taken that 1-year deal.

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