Holiday Edition
Sunday Reading
by Johanna Wagner
Holiday Edition
This post was written by Johanna Wagner on December 30, 2012
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First, for today’s Sunday reading lets start with a piece about two young men who did the right thing even if they are already part of the haves sitting in the expensive seats at Dodger Stadium.  Still, it is a nice story of two young boys trying to do the right thing.  If only we didn’t need young boys to teach us that lesson.

The Dodgers also bring us our second story, which is about how one of the biggest sports organizations is the country are considering using social media to reward the most loyal fans.  If and when this program begins, it will be ground breaking for how to use social media, even if done wrong.  No details have been released, but be assured that the most loyal followers will be rewarded.

Lastly, for today, is TJ Quinn’s piece about why he will no longer vote for the Baseball Hall of Fame, even though he has lifetime eligibility.  Quinn makes several strong points about why he doesn’t feel qualified to judge- many of which really make the entire system look broken.  Among the problems with the system, is that many of those eligible to vote have not covered a team on a daily basis for years.  The qualifications require that a writer cover a team for ten years, but after about ten years, a writer is usually promoted out of that job and though he or she goes on to write about baseball, they are no longer watching games and players with any regularity.    Second, they are asked to judge the role of steroids, without any guidelines or insight into how to judge.  This leaves each of the 575 voters to have his or her own standard, which cannot allow for any kind of justification for letting someone in or keeping them out.  Quinn has other reasons, which he shares eloquently and clearly.

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