Highs and Lows edition
Sunday Reading
by Johanna Wagner
Highs and Lows edition
This post was written by Johanna Wagner on December 23, 2012
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Today’s edition brings one of the best letters a player has ever written for his fans, from RA Dickey to New York City.  It doesn’t matter if you are a Mets fan or even an RA Dickey fan.  Reading this gives you insight into the player, and it makes you hope that even as we complain about these spoiled athletes (at times) that perhaps many feel they way Mr. Dickey does.  Thank you RA for being a guy that we can be proud our kids root for.  If you are a baseball fan, then you should read this.

And on a sadder note, Ryan Freel committed suicide yesterday.  While Freel would never have been called one of the greatest to play the game, he was one of my favorites to watch in the mid 2000’s with the Reds.  In 2004, he played 40 games or more at four positions and a more than 10 at two other positions.  He could run faster than any white guy I have ever seen- I used to say that he looked like his legs turned into wheels ala Fred Flinstone, when he ran.  He played the game very very hard, and when I met him in 2005 with several of his teammates, I actually got a little tongue-tied- not something I do often.  Those Reds teams were not very good, but Freel made them fun to watch.  He was from Jacksonville FL and so often during spring training his family would be around. I can’t tell you how many uncles and cousins, even his grandfather I have sat and watched baseball games with in the family section.  So even though I really can’t say I knew Ryan Freel, his is a passing that makes me sad.    Here is a link to a more formal obit, which highlights his funnier side.  Which I once caught with a camera at Shea Stadium.  In 2005, I believe the Reds were visiting for Hispanic Night and were playing a lot of salsa music.  In a photo -which I will upload soon- he was fielding grounders during BP when he broke into a little latin dance.  Rest in Peace, Mr. Freel.

And lastly, just a quick link back to my Friday piece of suggested books for holiday gift giving… just in case you still have someone to buy for.

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