The Role of the Reporter Edition
Sunday Reading
by Johanna Wagner
The Role of the Reporter Edition
This post was written by Johanna Wagner on December 16, 2012
Posted Under: Sunday Reading

Usually, I send you to writing that I find inspiring or enlightening.  Today’s post are not in the inspiring side, but they might be enlightening.  The first is a piece written by Ken Davidoff where he applauds the Mets thinking in ridding themselves of RA Dickey.  The piece reeks of a bias against Dickey that has rarely been see in the New York Media.  While RA has done a fairly good job of staying in front of the media, as Davidoff derides him for,  he has done so for a team where there is little competition for something to write about.  Davidoff makes RA Dickey sound like Barry Bonds in his selfishness, simply because he answered a question at a team Christmas function.  If you didn’t want an honest answer, then why did you ask the question?

Yes, the Mets are probably right for trading RA to the Blue Jays.  His value will never be higher than just after his wining of a Cy Young award.  Of course,  no one should forget that it is a high point for the Mets as well- and a piece that could help them sell tickets for next year.  So the idea that this is all about RA becoming bigger than the Mets is ridiculous.  The Mets did that all by themselves.  Davidoff doesn’t make himself look more insightful, it just makes himself look petty.

And, on another side of the New York market, Sweeny Murti writes about the idea of Kevin Youkilis becoming a Yankee after playing such a big part in the other side of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.  It is weird for fans, but Youkilis should be able to fill some of the production needed to replace the loss of Alex Rogriguez.  Interesting are some other suggested replacements for Rodriguez.

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