Wrapping Up Your Shopping List
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by Johanna Wagner
Wrapping Up Your Shopping List
This post was written by Johanna Wagner on December 14, 2012
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The Angels, as they often do, surprised everyone yesterday by laying out a big offer to Josh Hamilton and landing the biggest prize on the free-agent market.  In addition, the Angels took away the thunder of the big spending Dodgers, they squelched the hopes of their division rival Texas Rangers, and they moved the center of the baseball universe squarely to the west coast.

Of course, this is all on paper.

But how do you not love the rivalry that now exists between the Dodgers and the Angels. Owner Arte Moreno has turned that team into a headline maker.  And even though we don’t win the season on paper, every other team in the American League has to have shifted their game plan because the Angels aren’t an also-ran type team.  While the Yankees are struggling to show some payroll restraint, the Angels are spending like its 1999. (OK, that is a very dated reference, but with next week marking the end of the Mayan calender- I thought it was worth a shot.)

So, what do the Rangers do now?  Very difficult to replace the offense of Mike Napoli, Josh Hamilton and Michael Young at this point.  Jurickson Profar just isn’t that good. (Though he is good.)  So is there run over?  Could they be the Boston Red Sox- the team destined to go an entire generation without a World Series championship?  The team that came oh-so-close only to be thwarted for another 20 years?  Perhaps.

But while we are talking about teams with broken dreams, how about those rebuilding Cubs?  They seem to be on the verge of signing Anibal Sanchez, perhaps they will rid themselves of Alphonso Soriano too.  So as the last business week before the holidays get going,  there is a rush to get much of the business of baseball completed.  And while the Cubs are trying to wrestle Sanchez away from the Tigers, we will watch what happens and wonder if anyone else can make the baseball universe shift like the Angels did yesterday.

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