BJ Upton vs Michael Bourn
Would You Rather?
by Johanna Wagner
BJ Upton vs Michael Bourn
This post was written by Johanna Wagner on November 21, 2012
Posted Under: Would You Rather?

I’m repeating our first column from this because I think it is interesting, and because it was a new feature, I’m not sure everyone got the chance to respond. Each Wednesday, I will give you two free agents and you will make the case for why you would want one or the other to join your team. Just like the scouts that advise GM’s, you can use your gut or you can use stats or anything in-between. And in reality, depending on your team, you may use different methodology because of the current make-up of your team.


Would you rather your team add Michael Bourn or BJ Upton? (I have linked you to their pages to make life a little easier) Now tell me what you think?  Both have serious upside, both could be your lead-off hitters, but each have plusses and minuses and both are still out there on the market.  What do you think?  Which has the skills that your team needs more?

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Reader Comments

While B.J. Upton might be the flashier player, he has been very disappointing the past three years. In 2008 he posted a great OBP of .383 at the age of 23 but has not built upon that and has posted OBPs of .322, .331 and .298 the past 3 years. Michael Bourn’s OBP is solid (consistently around .350) and his UZR/150 the past 3 years far outpaces Upton’s. Looking at those factors, I would rather have Bourn on my team.

Written By Peter Liubicich on November 23rd, 2012 @ 3:36 pm

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