Free Agent Edition
Sunday Reading
by Johanna Wagner
Free Agent Edition
This post was written by Johanna Wagner on November 18, 2012
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In 2004, Fox sold the Dodgers to the McCourts for $430 million dollars, on to watch them drive the franchise into the ground and still sell the team for $2.1 billion.  Why was that possible?  Because the new owners were going to be able to sell the TV rights for billions.  Fox is now poised to offer the team billions to keep the team away from Time Warner and its new sports network.  As Steve Dilbeck writes, hindsight is 20/20.

The Cubs- like other teams in the news that lost 90+ games last year- are looking to shed payroll.  Unlike most of those other teams though the Cubs are raising 38 of their 65 ticket prices.  Only in Wrigley could that happen.  It seems after a number of years where Cubs fans actually expected the team to win, fans and the team itself, have reverted back to the old ways where the Cubs were lovable but also losers.  Next year is where hope lies, but it is still cool to be at Wrigley Field no matter who is playing- and the Cubs are counting on that money to continue to roll in.  The question is, will a time come where expensive tickets for an also-ran team continue to work ad infinitum? Gordon Wittenmyer writes that Bud Selig, Commissioner on MLB suggests that lowering the payroll is a much more sound business model.  That rebuilding on the cheap is smart.  He doesn’t include that for the Cubs, the Ricketts family who owns the team should walk away with a bundle from here on in.  Can you imagine a time when it isn’t cool to be sitting at Wrigley in the middle of the afternoon?  That is the question about whether this will work.

John Lowe writes about the Kirby Puckett Torii Hunter signing in Detroit and what Hunter brings to the table.  Yes, much of it comes from what Puckett taught Hunter- but as a former Fan Friendly Seal of Approval winner, Hunter is no doubt part of the Puckett legacy.  Check out Lowe’s piece

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