GM Meetings Edition
Sunday Reading
by Johanna Wagner
GM Meetings Edition
This post was written by Johanna Wagner on November 11, 2012
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Bob Nightengale writes probably the best state of the GM meetings piece out there, which is to be expected since he covers baseball nationally, and not just one team.  Here he breaks down the two biggest stories to emerge this week- the Dodgers trying to acquire Torii Hunter and the Rangers trying to pry loose another future all-star short stop from the Braves.

The Dodgers, as everyone is pointing out, are becoming the Yankees of the early 2000’s with no concern for any luxury tax- just ready to make the biggest brightest star-studded team possible.  Think of the Lakers ’showtime’ and you are getting to the new Dodger philosophy.  Meanwhile the Yankees are trying to avoid paying extra money- and are working to actually hold down a budget.  Has Hell actually frozen over?  I long had the theory that GM Brian Cashman wanted to show his critics that he could build a team with a budget- something he didn’t have to worry about during most of his team’s Championship seasons.  But now the Yankees are owned by businessmen who aren’t making decisions with their hearts- and so Cashman may get to show he can win on a budget- though still not a very small one.

RA Dickey received the Branch Rickey Humanitarian Award yesterday from the Denver Chamber of Commerce.  He also spoke with kids whom the awards dinner benefits, and tried to instill the message that they should face their weaknesses and not be afraid to push past them to achieve their dreams.  One of the kids was savvy enough to ask if he was going to stay with the Mets long-term, and Dickey pointed out that the decision was not in his hands.  Thomas Harding has the story. Dickey, more than any player in a long-time, understands the platform that he has to influence and inspire.  He really is a special player, and I hope the voters for the Cy Young recognized that as well.

And finally, here is a piece about CC Sabathia and his family pitching in to help the Boys and Girls Club of Hoboken clear out and restore their home with had been flooded by oily water, and left filled with sludge following Hurricane Sandy.   The Sabathia’s helped out here after canceling their regular charity event for their Pitcch In Foundation because of the needs they saw in the wake of Sandy.  The family spend time painting the building (where CC’s 6′7″ frame came in handy) and CC signed autographs and posed for pics with volunteers after the work was done.  Some good reading as we get ready for Thanksgiving.

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This is the second time in the last few weeks I’ve gotetn something pretty worthwhile that someone else was going to throw away. The other item was an ancient first baseman’s mitt.

Written By Yoshiki on December 8th, 2012 @ 12:59 pm

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