Fly Outs — Player Analysis
Stat of the Week
by Peter Liubicich
Fly Outs — Player Analysis
This post was written by Peter Liubicich on August 16, 2012
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This week the statistic we are looking at is Fly outs which is a defensive statistic for how many put outs an outfielder records in a season.  For this week’s player analysis, we’re going to look at Andruw Jones, one of the greatest defensive centerfielders of the past 15-20 years.

Jones recorded over 400 putouts from 1998-2002 and caught a career high 494 flyballs in 1999.  The Park Factor for Turner Field that year was 99, which meant that the ballpark was slightly more favorable to pitchers than hitters and the Home Run Park Factor was 97 meaning that compared to the league average Turner Field was one of the more difficult ballparks to hit a home run in 1999 which presumably gave Jones more opportunities to track down flyballs.

With a ballpark favorable to pitchers, having a centerfielder with as much range as Andruw Jones is ideal, but we must also look at the Braves 1999 pitching staff and their Ground Ball to Flyball Ratio to see how many opportunities Jones would be given to make so many put outs.



Tom Glavine


Kevin Millwood


Greg Maddux


John Smoltz


Odalis Perez


The Braves starting rotation in 1999 featured four of the best starters in the game and Odalis Perez who served as a solid end of the rotation pitcher.  Looking at their GB/FB ratio, three of the five everyday starters produced more groundballs than flyballs on average, especially Maddux and Perez and Glavine was more in the middle of the road in terms of flyballs.  Millwood and Smoltz were strikeout pitchers which meant they were prone to allow more flyballs per game as seen by their GB/FB ratio, especially Millwood.

Millwood and Smoltz gave Jones plenty of opportunities to show off his range in the outfield, while playing behind the other three starters he had to make the most of every opportunity to track down a flyball hit to center, left-center or right-center.  While fly outs allows us to see that players like Jones showed great range, next week when we look at Ultimate Zone Rating which gives a more exact answer to the players with the most range and be able to make comparisons between players.

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