Two Different Approaches from Ownership
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by Johanna Wagner
Two Different Approaches from Ownership
This post was written by Johanna Wagner on August 8, 2012
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Joe Capozzi shares Marlins President David Samson’s view point on the Marlins season, with Samson pointing out that team owner Jefferey Loria will have a thorough review of the season in October.  Anyone can see the season didn’t go as the Marlins expected it to.  And yet, who is to blame for that?  While Samson is careful to not point any fingers at anyone except the players that were traded away last month, it is clear that they see that there were problems that may have been able to be avoided.  Problems with their decision-making.

Meanwhile, Dan Shaughnessey is trying to stir up controversy in Boston by writing about the Red Sox ownership’s lack of concern over the season.   While I think the problem is far less serious than Shaughnessey is trying to make it, I do think the statement put out by the Red Sox ownership downplays the Red Sox problems way too much.  They aren’t going to fire Bobby Valentine, nor should they.  The problems aren’t all with him.  But Red Sox ownership barely acknowledges that there are problems- which only adds fuel to Shaughnessey’s (and the fan’s) fire.  Boston’s ownership doesn’t discuss their process.  They don’t acknowledge the problems as they seem to act like this might help the clubhouse.  To be fair, they do still have a shot at a wild-card spot, which the Marlins do not.  Call the season a failure, while that is still possible would be a bad play.  The truth is the Red Sox have had a lot of injuries.  They had a lot of injuries last year too.  There are problems in Boston.  Both the Marlins and the Red Sox have high payrolls.  Both started addressing where the players with the high payrolls should be playing last month.  The Sox can’t tell fans that they will continue to work of clubhouse chemistry- as the Marlins have- while the team is still trying to make the playoffs.   The question though that should concern fans is- does the Red Sox ownership know they do have to address that at some point?  Do they really think everything is fine right now? Or are they just waiting to a point where it wont disturb the clubhouse more?

The two teams are in very different places in their season.  One is virtually over. The other is on the brink of being over.  What gets addressed in the media should be very different. But it is interesting to look at both pieces side by side to see how both are handled.

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