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by Johanna Wagner
Monday Morning Reading
This post was written by Johanna Wagner on June 18, 2012
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Just a quick link to Nick Cafardo’s Sunday morning notes piece where he does a very unscientific survey of ‘those in baseball’ to find out the consensus on who is better, Bryce Harper or Mike Trout.  It seems just like with the fans, the voting is split.  Though Cafardo doesn’t attribute votes to specific people, in the world of fans it seems it might be a matter of whom you have seen play more.  I haven’t seen Trout at all- where as living on the East Coast, I seem to see a lot of Harper, at least on TV.  If I lived on the West coast, I bet it would got the other way.

Harper had his worst day in baseball this weekend when he struck out five times on Saturday against the Yankees.  Following the performance he avoided reporters, and wouldn’t talk about the game.  Too bad he doesn’t know that to be a major leaguer at 19 no matter how many times you strike out, you aren’t having a bad day.   Baseball has a way of humbling the best players- and perhaps Harper has learned his lesson.  But young men everywhere need to learn the lesson that even on their worst day they need to stand up and be accountable.  Still, he isn’t the only 19 year old to try and avoid facing up to his short-comings, even if those short-comings only lasted one day.

And if this is Harper’s only flaw in terms of baseball- any GM will tell you it is a small one.

So, based on the on-field behavior, who would you take to build your team around?  Harper or Trout?

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