Media Snapshot: How they help and hurt
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by Johanna Wagner
Media Snapshot: How they help and hurt
This post was written by Johanna Wagner on April 8, 2011
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Two big contrasts today in two very different media markets.  In Boston, where the 0-7 Red Sox are scheduled for their home opener against the Yankees today, the papers are full of stories about the over-hyped Sox demise. This ridiculous Steve Buckley piece suggests the Sox should cancel all the pomp and circumstance surrounding a return of baseball to Fenway Park.  He mocks the notion that this team could still win 100 games.  But they can.

The one thing that the Red Sox players have to beware of though is the media, and the perceptions they generate.  Many scouts will tell you the difference in many cases between a Major League player and a AAA player is how much confidence they have.  Sox players reading their media might have a tough time believing anytime soon.

But look at what is being written in the Houston Chronicle- where the Astros, who could be the worst team in baseball this year, finally won their first game yesterday.  While the Boston media is calling it “panic time” the Houston media asks fans to “chill out”.  This Chip Bailey piece compares the Astros bad start to that of Albert Pujols who is hitting .183 so far this season.  Bailey warns about the dangers of small sample sizes and says the Astros are just victims of that.

The Red Sox might be a little closer to Albert Pujols at this point, than the Astros.

Still another article from the Chronicle, perhaps slightly more tongue in cheek suggests that the Astros are heading home to their fans warm embrace.  This Steve Campbell piece suggests that because of the unlikely events of yesterdays game which allowed them to beat the Reds, these Astros are full of surprises.  And perhaps they are.  At least these players aren’t reading negative stories about them.

And what a difference the market makes.  The Red Sox will not lose all 162 games.  They won’t.  But how hard it must be to walk into the clubhouse today and feel positive and yet be faced with many many reporters asking you why you can’t win.  How do you put that out of your head?  That is the difference the media makes.

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