Releasing Raul
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by Johanna Wagner
Releasing Raul
This post was written by Johanna Wagner on June 7, 2010
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Corey Seidman of has called for the release of Raul Ibanez.  Sure, Raul is only hitting .230- and I should know because he is on my fantasy team.  And though Seidman argues he is thinking about this reasonably, he isn’t.  Ibanez had $17million left on his contract.  OK, Seidman has a point that the guy is hurting the team by taking away money that could be used to for a productive outfielder while he is also taking up a valuable roster spot.  That is double injury to the Phillies, who right now are clinging to the pre-seasons utterances that they were the best team in baseball.

But you can’t just release a guy who makes that kind of money, not without being sure that no one else will make him into something better for them.  Think Ollie Perez.  Sure, the Mets have temporarily used his whining about a sore knee to put him on the shelf, but they were never going to release him. Not while the Phillies, Braves or even the Cardinals could pick him up- even if its just to glean information about the other Mets pitchers from him.

You can’t pay a guy to play for another team unless you clearly have much better choices on your team if he turns it around.  And all Raul Ibanez needs is 1-2 months of playing very very well to help the Phillies get off the mat.

And Raul isn’t just owed money this year, but next as well, just like Oliver Perez.  Who knows what could happen then.

Raul wasn’t brought in to hit .300.  He wasn’t brought in to carry the team.  He needs to get it going. He needs to see better pitches.  Until those around him in the line-up start hitting though, he won’t either though.  Might as well release Jayson Werth- and no one would think that is a good idea.

No, Seidman gets it wrong.  Ibanez isn’t done.  Ibanez just isn’t consistent.  Will he be way over the hill next season?  Sure.  But the Phillies will get some performance out of him yet this season.  That is if they get performance out of anyone.

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